About Lisa L. Cashion

lisa-cashionOur lives are full of experiences and emotions which impact the way we respond to and navigate our environments. Evolving relationships, new beginnings, closures, crises, hopes, dreams, and fears all affect our sense of life’s meaning. Making time to pause, reflect, and process these connections is empowering and life affirming. In my practice, I strive to honor the inner longings and capacity for wholeness in every person.

For you, I like to see myself as more of a guide than a therapist. A guide holding a flashlight in the dark on a healing path, creating a sacred space as we listen together to your personal story, identifying your inner guidance, and your own heartfelt knowingness. Whether it’s helping you with communication in relationships, helping you overcome a challenging time in your life, or help with a family issue, together we will work to develop strategies from your own inner wisdom and values. Always the goal is the development of a more satisfying and meaning-filled life.

Navigating the world of therapeutic support can be overwhelming. From my extensive network of peers and colleagues in the helping fields, I also am available on a consultation basis to assist individuals and families find resources appropriate for their particular needs. My education includes a Masters Degree in Divinity and a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health from Wake Forest University, and a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology from the University of Alabama.

I am experienced as a counselor in a variety of settings including hospitals, primary care facilities and a community-based counseling center, and I am a hospital chaplain specialist. My career combines experience in business, education, and nonprofit organizations, and I have held numerous community and church leadership positions. I enjoy providing counseling, coaching, and spiritual care to my clients. I look forward to speaking to you regarding how I can assist with your personal journey.


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