Individual Services

Is this you?

You’ve experienced some success in your life, and yet you’re wondering why, even though your life “looks good on paper”, you feel discontent . At times you question whether there is something wrong, missing, or broken about you.

Perhaps you’ve tried to change some things only to feel stuck in negative patterns, and you’re losing hope that things can be different.  You wonder why you haven’t been able to figure it out and make things better. After all, you’ve been able to manage on your own until now. For the most part, you’ve called your own shots. You feel ashamed that you are needing help.

Before now you’ve thought about reaching out to someone, and you are concerned your personal “stuff” may get out in public if you divulge it to someone you don’t know. You want to see a professional who understands that you need a completely confidential atmosphere.

Or perhaps you have already done some personal work, and now you are ready to get to the core of the unhappiness, and make some real changes. Changes you can pinpoint that tells you that you ARE happier on a consistent basis, that you can reach a goal, live more into who you really are, and changes that helped you create a more connected and fulfilling relationship.

You can stop waiting.

You have a place to go…where someone understand your concerns about confidentiality, whether you will be judged, if you will like the methods, if the methods will be effective, and what it might mean to you to make changes in your life. Karen sees you as individually endowed with powerful God given strengths and resources. Methods utilized are designed to align you with these and teach you how to play to your courage, confidence, creativity, and connectedness. 

What You Will Come Away With in the Foundational Program:

1) Materials and tools to help you easily master methods that are designed to help you achieve a greater degree of confidence, joy, abundance, and satisfaction in your life and relationships on a more consistent, ongoing basis.

2) Clarity about life direction, and next steps to take toward the fulfillment of your biggest dreams.

3) Support, a clear roadmap, and feedback that will help you stay on track with the progress you make.

4) A clear knowing of your Real Self and how to make decisions from that part of you.

Often clients report after having been with us for awhile that they feel like they “have come home to themselves”, or like they “can now rest in the comfort of the guidance of their heart”, or “something in [their] body feels more spacious, freer, and calmer”, or that they are “experiencing more joy”.

**To get started, call Karen at 704-560-2911.