Relationship Services

Is this you?

You are looking for someone who can direct you to a better life together. You need the promise of a confidential setting where you can rest assured you will enjoy anonymity. You want effective tools, strategy, and a place where someone will be objective and professional. Where real changes are allowed to unfold, true reconnection experienced, and fun is re-established in your relationship.

With over 17 years experience, I utilize the latest research for couples work and neuroscience to help you build a better life together.  I practice marriage friendly, and pro long term marriage therapy.

I believe in the longevity of your relationship. When you and your spouse enter into relationship therapy with me, I view your relationship as the client in the room. My intention is to serve as an advocate for you both by helping you heal the ruptures that have caused disconnection and discord. Without getting bogged down in the past, together we will seek to discover where those ruptures have occurred, and work to repair them in ways that serve to reconnect you to each other and help you move forward.

*Create more fun to share.
*Develop resiliency that will carry you through tough times.
*Enjoy more emotional closeness as you develop a new way of being with each other.

*Savor a lifestyle of positivity and abundance you’ll create individually and together.

What you will come away with:

1) A clear roadmap of  the application in your relationship of the principles that, when incorporated, will help you develop a greater sense of hope for the future, a deeper trust, a sense of connectedness, and a relationship wherein you are supported to become who you are meant to be individually and as a couple. 

2) Tools to help you live with more creativity, compassion, courage, confidence, and joy individually and as a couple.

3) Strategies to overcome setbacks that will occur as you learn easy to apply methods and principles that will help you bond closer together. 

I believe you will be happier in a fulfilling relationship, and to that end, and with your deep commitment to learn how to stay happily married, I’m committed to hold you in that light and gear my skills to help you achieve that goal. You will learn how to come to a place with each other that will allow you to see yourselves as a collective force, backs together, as you look upon the world as a treasure to be mined together.

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Karen Pierce