7 Reasons to Hire a Relationship Coach

Make a New Life Together That Lasts

Make a New Life Together That Lasts

With all of the changes that have gone on in society since the turn of the millineum one thing has become clear. We are living in a time period focused on connections of all types. People, males and females alike, want to know how to create and keep a real, authentic, close and connected relationship.

Young folks these days are wanting nothing to do with the 50% divorce rate of the past century.

Investing in your relationship with a professional who knows psychotherapy, the latest research on couples work for what makes relationships grow and last over a lifetime, and who uses a coaching model can help you achieve some great results.

Below are listed some advantages to working with a relationship coach who has the above mentioned background:

1) You will get help in creating a vision for where you want to go in your relationship together.

2) You will get help to create some matching goals around helping you manifest the vision you create together.

3) You will get help with implementing easy to do action steps toward the goals you set together.

4) Your relationship coach will weave in the known factors for helping your relationship reconnect, grow, and last for a lifetime.

5) You will have an expert who knows how to help you deal with the setbacks that will occur as you implement the action steps, and learn how to be different with each other.

6) You will have accountability that will help you create a new, positive lifestyle that will support your new relationship you are building together. (Eliminates the need for your spouse to feel like he/she has to fill that role, which can lead to disconnects, and sabotages the process.)

7) You will receive quantitative tools to help you sustain your progress, and know where you are in the process of creating a new sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle of positivity and connectedness together. This will help you know when the new changes have been implemented long enough to remain with you for a lifetime. For you to feel like you “have it in your bones”, and it becomes second nature.

As a 17 year practitioner of psychotherapy, and having trained for a full academic year in the newest research in neuroscience and coaching, I would love to talk about how I may be of help to your relationship. Email or call me to schedule a Clarity Conference today.

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