Martin Luther King’s Message for Individual and Relationship Happiness

Martin Luther King’s Message for Individual and Relationship Happiness

I wonder if Martin Luther King knew how much the themes of his message would be helpful for our inner world, or how much his message is significant to achieving a great long-term relationship.

Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

He wanted racial equality for everyone, no matter his or her skin color.

As a neuropositivity coach who teaches people how to grow a permanent positive mindset, and helps people achieve a long lasting satisfying relationship, I can see the wisdom of applying Martin Luther King’s principles to ourselves.

We cannot love another person until we learn how to make ourselves happy, and love ourselves–every part of us.

Lasting happiness in life and relationships requires that we have a willingness to look within ourselves to what we don’t like, whatever the appearance (jealousy, shame, grief, deceit, etc.) and not segregate it off, ignore it, or try to cast it off. To look at that part of us with eyes of compassion and curiosity for understanding is a step toward our inner healing, and also the healing of our relationship difficulties. For whatever we dislike or hate about ourselves, we will project onto another person, group, organization, country.

Lasting happiness in life and relationships also requires a willingness to grow in feeling and SEEING with compassion, with joy, with gratitude, and with love of self and what IS in our lives.

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