Science (Finally!), Mindfulness, and Relationships-Wow!

Happy July!

How would it be helpful to you and your relationship if you were able to stand in the face of a disagreement and still feel safe and ok? To just be aware of your negative emotions present instead of being that emotion and acting from within that negative emotion?

Great satisfaction comes for me when working to help each person in a relationship come to be able to do just that–to listen with the ears of their heart with curiosity toward their spouse or partner, and know about their negative emotions at the same time and speak for them, and not from them.

A greater degree of connectedness, compassion, and openness to change occurs, and creative solutions to the present conflict are found when couples practice this stance with each other in the present moment, and over time.

Researchers at the Universities of Wyoming and Oregon have science based findings on why this is so. Click here to read a great article, “How Mindfulness Can Help Couples Cool Down”.

If I can help you or your relationship in any way, you just let me know!

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