Secrets To Life of Happiness Unveiled in 75-Year Study

Love Can LastIn his Ted Talk, Robert Waldinger expresses so eloquently the reasons to invest in the work to make a marriage more fulfilling. No relationship is easy and does take a lot of work. But if you know how to focus your time and energy in ways that are not just connecting, but bonding and uplifting, you will feel so filled up by the relationship your love will just grow broader and deeper on a daily basis.

My belief is that we as a culture have been so focused in ways that Mr. Waldinger reports from the 75-year study he draws his knowledge from, that we haven’t really known how to create good relationships. And it’s more than using tools that create lasting and fulfilling relationships, it’s also how to repair things when they go awry.

Learning to enjoy and invest emotionally in each other is part of it, yes, but also knowing your true purpose in life has to be primary.

Meaning and significance will be found when we know why we’re here, and that we belong and are loved.

Here is the Ted Talk by Mr. Waldinger. I hope you’ll take the time to watch, comment below on what you believe to be true about Mr. Waldinger’s talk, or any questions you have for me.

Wishing you much love!

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Karen Pierce, LCSW

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