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Biting and Cruel Humor, or Connecting Humor–Which are you?

Humor Is The Affectionate Communication of Insight~ Leo Rosten

I’ll admit that for most of my adult life, humor has been an enigma for me. It is currently a personal goal of mine to learn to use inspiring and relatable humor and always with an open heart.

Correspondingly, I’ll never forget the question a traditional healer asked me some 18 years ago in Peru. I was in South America to study the healing practices of this man’s Q’ero tribe. He, dressed in a traditional red-striped poncho, with a chullu—a traditional knit cap covering his ears, was playing a magical tune on his flute. The two of us—the elderly man and I—walked through a flower-filled meadow. He turned to me with a twinkle in his eye and a contagious, wild smile, and asked: “How will you gladden the hearts of the people who come to see you, Karen? It can’t all […]